Spring Data JPA Internals

In the previous post[1], I showed how brief it can be for Spring Data JPA to expose routine CRUD interfaces of simple database entities. This post goes a little bit further, by revealing the work Spring has done behind the scenes, and why we can i... »

Spring Data JPA 技术分析

在另一篇介绍Spring的文章[1]里我介绍了Spring Data JPA,借助Spring Data JPA,对数据库做CRUD需要简单的四步操作:先创建数据库表和Java entity类;声明一个接口ItemRepository继承CrudRepository;再在接口ItemRepository里声明Query MethodfindByName;最后把ItemRepository注入到我们需要用到的地方,调用就可以了。 这篇文章再深入一点,解释/分析一下Spring在背后做了什么... »